PCP 2011
19th International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology
Boston, Massachusetts, USA: July 19-22, 2011
Hosted by the Constructivist Psychology Network


Dialogical Self Approach in Coaching, Training, Counseling and Education

  • Practical applications of Dialogical Self Theory

  • Learn the Dialogical Approach Method

  • Understand how to work with Art and Emotion utilizing the Dialogical Approach

  • Earn Credit Points in the Certification Program of the International Institute for the Dialogical Self

People were able to register for this workshop with or without registering for the congress. Those who registered for both received a substantial discount.

John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center

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Post-Congress Workshop

The International Institute for the Dialogical Self will be sponsoring a post-congress workshop the day after the 2011 International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology in Boston. The workshop, entitled "Dialogical Self Approach in Coaching, Training, Counseling and Education," will be held on July 23, 2011 at the John Hancock Hotel and Conference Center, which is the same downtown Boston venue as the PCP congress itself. Contributors to this day-long workshop are Hubert Hermans,  Agnieszka Hermans-KonopkaTon VoogtJack Kahn, and Jamie Coy.